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Body Care Center

The body holds physical memories of many experiences and long held attitudes. Long after your mind and heart has changed directions, our muscles and organs may still find themselves pulling us back to old beliefs and emotions.

A level of focus on relaxing and caring for the body is important at every stage of the journey.
It can be a pleasure to swim in a luxuriously warm pool, and wonderful to sit in a sauna
allowing the opening a deep heat invites. And one of a spa’s greatest values is the bodily support it brings for the wholeness of the process we are with.

Mandali’s Body Care Center is envisioned to bring this type of support. To relax, to enjoy, and to care for the body as its moves with us in new directions.

It is possible to swim, take a sauna, or simply sit in the hot tub overlooking the vast expanses of
Lago d’ Orta.


Also available Mandali’s Body Care Center, will be various types of Massage, including modalities such as Lomi Lomi (Traditional Hawaiian), Deep Tissue massage, Cranial Sacral and Intuitive Bodywork.

Massage sessions can be booked after your arrival. Full information on the massage type and therapist of your choice can be obtained at the reception. A good massage can feel wonderful, help integrate all level of experience, and liberates our body from the tightness and holdings that keep pulling us backward.

We believe it is essential to take time for
yourself in a Sacred place