The Conscious Leadership Series

You are a leader, whether by default or by choice



19-22 November 2020

We warmly invite you to join Mandali’s Conscious Leadership Online Retreat for a truly soulful online experience.

We’ve never experienced the amount of separation we see today. Political division, religious conflicts, and now even social separation and drastic increases in conflicts among family members and friends. Now is the time to build a relationship – to examine the part of ourselves that drives conflict and separation, and to make a conscious choice to truly connect and build the soulful and beautiful relationships we all seek to experience.

Over the course of four days, you’ll gather with like-spirited individuals in webinars, powerful experiences, peer-connection circles, and self-guided breathing-spaces.

Use this opportunity to investigate how you create truly beautiful relationships. Deeply connect with how you want to show up in the world. Nurture your soul; discover fulfillment and belonging in your personal and professional relationships; and explore how to show up with more power, clarity, and authenticity as we learn to navigate a new world of conscious leadership.

What you'll experience
  • Understand how we truly tick as humans. Create a new level of connection in your existing relationships, and fix those that challenge you
  • Become comfortable with conflict and use it as an ideal moment for deepening trust and understanding in any relationship
  • Speak a few sentences that have the power to break down any barrier and create common ground in your relationships
  • Learn how to bring a sense of genuine connection and understanding into your professional environment
  • Create a culture of ownership and high engagement in organizations
  • How to enhance your impact in the world as a conscious, purpose-driven leader

Price: 449 euros (including VAT).

Includes: 4 Webinars | 2 Evening gatherings | CBI Online Learning Module 2- $498 value

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Who is this Program for?

Build deep, genuine relations at home and at work. Create a deeper level of connection & intimacy. Share time with like-minded individuals

Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Build truly connected, inspired teams. Get a proven Conscious Business tool-set for collaborative teams. Be recognized as an inspiring leader.

Coaches & Facilitators

Learn a proven Conscious Business methodology. Join a global network of like-minded professionals. Build your Conscious Leadership expertise.


“The retreat exceeded my expectations: it started in a beautiful and intriguing way well before its official start, and it still resonates after the conclusion. Peter’s discrete and professional guidance made it possible for the group to form and express itself; the group developed into an open and frank forum for sharing of experience, seeking answers to the questions encountered in daily professional or personal life, and to generate new ideas. This retreat was a beautiful experience.”, Miro Prek. Former EU Judge. Luxembourg.

“Since attending your truly wonderful, practical, magical, life, and business-enhancing course, my life has followed an extraordinary trajectory in a way almost too big to put in words. Your course delivered beyond my expectations and was a wonderful experience in the magic that can happen when you feel safe to trust and surrender. I’m so happy that I found you and your work. Thank you.”, Catherine Butler. CEO. UK.

“This retreat was a boost of energy, humility, and depth. I can genuinely say it was life-transforming. The tools, people, and experiences will stay with me forever as a leader and have reminded me of the path I want to be on as a human. The Mandali environment above the Lago d’Orta is a perfect place to reflect on how to improve leadership.”, Dr. Jörg Puma. Chief Learning Officer. Singapore.

What sets this Program apart?


Being vs. Doing:
Come with us and explore places you’ve always wanted to go, but which you were never able to reach. Go deeper. Use this time to investigate and create what you desire in your relationships.

Proven Tools:
For more than 10 years, the approaches in this program have been proven to work with individuals on 5 continents, in organizations – from 1 to 100,000 employees.

Build teams you love:
Get 8 Conscious Business Principles for building beautiful relationships and inspired teams.

Learn something that changes the way you relate to others:
Come with us and explore places you’ve always wanted to go, but which you were never able to reach. Go deeper. Use this time to investigate and create what you desire in your relationships.

Make the research work for you:
Apply the newest research in neuroscience, consciousness, and human behaviour to your most valuable element in life – your relationship to yourself and others.

Join a global community:
Become part of a global community of conscious leaders and changemakers. Build your system for a better way to work and live.

Course leader


Peter is a former Venture Capitalist and founder of the Conscious Business Institute (CBI) in California. As a Principal for one of the world’s leading Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, Apax Partners & Co, he saw how disengaging and dysfunctional most of today’s organizations operate – and realized the enormous opportunity for building more inspiring, purpose-driven companies.

Peter learned from Native American traditions, South American Shamans, intuitives and psychics. In 2005, he decided to leave the traditional business world to found CBI, which now provides step-by-step approaches for individuals, leaders, and entire organizations to become more conscious, inspiring, and purpose-driven. CBI’s principles and programs have been applied in leading organizations including Starbucks, BMW Group, Siemens, Alllianz, Intel, Twitter, and others.

Peter co-founded an IT company and started his career at Andersen Consulting (Accenture). He’s the author of 2 books and over 100 articles on business, finance, leadership, martial arts, and technology.

He’s a faculty member of the Goethe Business School in Frankfurt, serves as a global advisor of the Climate Prosperity Alliance, is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, and is on the board of several for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Course leader


CEO and founder of the Modern School of Life, Jeanine works with clients, partners & female communities, providing meaningful changes with high value social impact.

In addition to holistic, sustainable communications & personal leadership projects with businesses, and fueled by her conviction that women elicit and curate needed positive change, Jeanine empowers women to transform their lives. With her New Generation Women, a media & learning platform, Jeanine inspires women to rise to a New Consciousness of Balance & Heart-Led Success.

With an MA in Theatre Studies, she creates, hosts and produces interactive business talk shows, live streaming shows, internet TV and multi-media events for large international enterprises.

Jeanine founded the Human League Consultancy to enhance corporate communications and personal development by focusing on the heart of business while becoming an internationally acclaimed corporate communications consultant, teacher-coach to the broadcast journalism industry, media and performance trainer as well as a personal coach to top managers.

“Guide yourself and others towards creating a career – and a life – that makes a mark.”