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For teachers

At Mandali we value the process of learning, integrating and sharing.
From experience, we understand the necessity of an efficient and supportive set up for you to deliver your unique teaching in the best possible way.
We will also take the time to listen to all your personal needs.

Some aspects we are focusing on to support you.

  • We aim for Mandali’s website to become a portal to attract more participants. With a full supportive web and personal network we will inform as many people as possible.
  • We have developed our own on-line booking system that takes care of your bookings in a professional manner, allowing you to follow the progress. We offer an easy, step by step booking process where all the information and costs are transparent.
  • Mandali’s beautiful group rooms are fully equipped and not charged separately.
  • Throughout your stay at Mandali you and your participants will be supported by a professional, warm and friendly team.
Please write us an email at and let’s talk.


We have various types of accommodations, each with a different price. We look forward to walk you through the different costs and types of rooms and find out what works best for you.


Mandali is blessed with a quiet and serene location and is easily reachable by plane, car and train service. We are situated 1 hour drive away from Milan Malpensa International Airport. Malpensa is served by many airlines, such as Easy Jet, offering inexpensive flights. We will have a complete support system to arrange pick ups from and to the airport and train station.

We believe it is essential to take time for
yourself in a Sacred place