Your journey

Focusing on relaxing and caring for the body is an essential component of every stage of your journey and a practice that is often overlooked. The body holds both physical memories of our experiences as well as long-held beliefs. Long after your mind and heart have changed direction, your muscles and organs may still find themselves pulling back to old beliefs and emotions


The Mandali Body Care Centre offers a range of beautiful facilities and a indulgent treatments to help you release past trauma, overcome stress and take some time to focus on self-care.

Swim, take a sauna or steam bath, sit in the hot-tub overlooking the vast expanses of Lago d’Orta or book yourself a sensuous massage.


A good massage can feel wonderful, liberate your body from negativity, and help integrate your Mandali Experience into the body. We offer various types of massage, include Lomilomi (Traditional Hawaiian), Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic, Shirodara, Thai massage and many more. Massage sessions can be booked after you arrive and you can get full information on the massage type and range of therapists at reception.