Mandali Experience Online Gathering

Join us for a Sunday morning:


Sunday 9 May 2021 08.00 – 11.00

The Mandali Experience Gathering is a unique opportunity to take a step deeper on your path, to learn, and share with our growing community from all over the world.

Every few Sundays we come together for a morning of Yoga and Meditation, and we will have a talk with one of our Mandali Experience Teachers, exploring and going deeper into a chosen topic. It is an opportunity to ask questions, give and receive support, and share a moment of reflection with like-minded people. This week we will be joined by Erinbell Fanore for a morning Yoga session, and by Peter Harper for a Meditation practice and conversation about ‘What is Compassion?’.


08.00 – 09.20 Yin/Yang Yoga with Erinbell

09.30 – 11.00 Meditation & Conversation with Peter

This event is Donation Based. We are committed to making our events accessible to people of all income and background and everyone is welcome. We suggest a donation of €25 and a minimum donation of €10.

What is Compassion? A Meditation & Conversation with Peter Harper

When compassion arises there is a sense of loving kindness and empathy. It’s often associated with kindness and care for others and for our environment. Sometimes, when our lives become overwhelming, we find ourselves being caught in a life situation that is challenging and we lose that connection to the essential state of compassion. Not only for others but also for ourselves. By taking a moment to gift ourselves the space to relax and be present with the aliveness of this moment, there is the opportunity to bring our attention to the quality of compassion and embody the delicate and subtle vibration of the spacious peace that it brings. 

Peter will give a short talk and guided meditation to reconnect to our essential state of compassion. This will be followed by a gentle self enquiry session to help deepen and integrate the awareness that compassion brings to the aliveness of the present moment.

Gentle Yin/Yang Yoga with Erinbell Fanore

This class is open and aimed for everyone no matter your yoga experience or level of fitness/flexibility.  Yoga is there to serve the practitioner and help one to feel into and care for compassionately how they are in this moment now, just like this. We will softly and curiously explore all our of ranges of movement focusing especially on the hips.  This is an area many of us hold tension. 

In the first part of the class, we will move and strengthen our tissues in a easy flow Yang style of yoga. In the second part of the class, we will slow down into longer held Yin postures.  Through turning to our tightness with care and compassion, we offer ourselves the possibility for more ease and lightness in our body/heart/mind.