Masterclass with Leonie Bos 27 March 9.00 – 11.00


During this Masterclass, Leonie will take you on a journey that includes mantra singing and sound healing. Mantra singing is a meditative practice to connect with your inner voice, by repeating these Sanskrit words you will open up a space of joy and silence within yourself. Closing the singing circle with a warm bath of sound healing. A beautiful way to start your day.

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Leonie Bos is a singer-songwriter, inner voice coach, and healer. She uses the insights and transformations of her journey on this life path to inspire others and create an atmosphere that reminds you of coming home. Her songs are filled with healing vibrations and words of presence and love. Music, meditation, yoga, and shamanism play a big role in her life. Her playful and grounded personality is like deep roots into the ground, creating a soft and powerful holding for others to relax and embrace them selfs. Her mission is to wake up the world with her voice, to be a reminder and inspiration that we are already whole.