Soulful Sundays

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Soulful Sunday

Sunday 26 September 2021 08.00 – 11.00 with Emilio Mercuriali & Silvia Eriksson

This Sunday we will begin the day with a morning Vinyasa Yoga class with Silvia Eriksson, followed by ‘Rediscover your True Will’ – a meditation workshop with Emilio Mercuriali.

Whether you have been at Mandali before and wish to stay connected or are curious, you are welcome to join our online community.

Once a month on a Sunday we get together for a morning of yoga and meditation, where our teachers will focus on exploring a chosen topic. It is an opportunity to take a step deeper on your path and connect with like minded people. There will be space for questions and sharing a moment of reflection together.


08.00 – 09.20 Vinyasa Yoga with Silvia

09.30 – 11.00 Meditation Workshop with Emilio

This event is Donation Based. We are committed to making our events accessible to people of all income and background and everyone is welcome. We suggest a donation of €25 and a minimum donation of €10.


Rediscover your true Will – Meditation Workshop with Emilio Mercuriali

Our Will is the force that allows us to walk our path in life and to stay on track, not necessarily to just achieve goals, but to be free to be ourselves and live our true life.  It is the source of our creative expression and is with us since we are born, innocent and pure. It is this true and original will that allows us to experience life challenges and transform them into fuel for personal evolution and growth. Our Natural Will provides us with a sense of innate confidence that comes from being connected to our life force and centered in the moment, not tainted by our beliefs and convictions.

In this workshop we will look at how our early years may affect our natural will and may have developed particular behavioral patterns as a result. You might have noticed, we either lean towards tendencies to either be a bit too pushy in the way we get on with life, or we can be a little insecure or easily hold back and give up. We will have an opportunity to contemplate and open the doors to perhaps looking at our meditation practice from a different angle – a journey back to our Original Nature and True Will. The session includes a talk, guided meditation, and time for sharing and Q&A.

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Hatha/Vinyasa Energizing Yoga flow with Silvia Eriksson

Silvia’s class is an active breath-based movement practice designed to awaken the spine and energize your center. Igniting this energy starting from your base and letting it rise through your whole body.

Like the seasons, the practice forms an arc, starting slowly with warm-up movements to bring space into your spine, core, and major joints, building into an energetic standing-posture sequence. This will be followed by nourishing seated postures, grounding you again and preparing you to sit in stillness.

The practice is all about balance and opposing energies. As we change seasons, it takes effort to let go of old patterns, to spark new inspirations, and begin a new chapter. A balance of effort and strength, as well as subtle surrender, can help to enter this new phase with confidence and ease.

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