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Tools for Discovering Your Soul's Purpose


At a Glance

21-08-2017 / 25-08-2017
  • 4 nights accommodation in Shared, Single, Double, Premium Rooms or Hermitages
  • Full board - vegetarian meals
  • Fruits, Teas and filtered water
  • Free use of Body Care Center facilities: sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, indoor heated swimming pool
  • All workshops and sessions as written in the program
Not included:
  • Flights to/from Malpensa International Airport
  • Transfers to/from Mandali Retreat Centre
  • Massage and Therapies at the Body Care Center 

What it is

Everybody who will come here will be blessed!
It's everything you need for balance, support, nourishment, strength and renewal.
It's all right before your very eyes!
It's like you want to spread your wings and fly - soar into new heights! -
- Kaypacha

What is it?
Your astrological birthchart is a virtual blueprint of your soul describing why you are here. This retreat will assist you to manifest that potential. Kaypacha will use astrology, kundalini yoga, breathwork and meditation to help you shine fresh understanding on past wounds and more fully embrace yourself to create your life in a more empowered, conscious way. You will come away with insightful astrological tools to know yourself on deeper levels, and with new awareness to enhance your life.

Past life patterns will be revealed that have set the stage for this life's soul intention including childhood, relationship, vocation, financial, and future experiences. We will discuss and physically experience the energy of the 12 zodiacal archetypes, and explore the meaning of them, the planets, and houses of your personal horoscope. Example charts will be chosen to demonstrate how astrology can be used as a healing tool and for guidance important decision making processes.

To set the foundation for the retreat, we will start by describing the current astrological patterns, The Astrology of 2017 and Beyond. We are all currently experiencing the intense shift of consciousness in many ways that astrology can help us to understand and navigate more smoothly.

Activities will include breathwork, yoga, and an exploration into the 12 archetypes of the zodiac. We will look at the building blocks of the horoscope including not only the signs but the planets and houses, as well. Using your own birthchart (which will be provided), you will begin to grasp a deeper understanding of yourself and your soul purpose.

We will look particularly at the placements of Pluto, the Moon's Nodes, and the Ascendant to give an understanding of the past and future intentions of the soul. With these insights, you will have the skeleton features of your Soul Purpose and be on your way to becoming your own astrologer! The day will start and close with Kundalini yoga and meditation to bring your new awareness fully into your body and assist you in the process of "waking up”! 

- Cáli Ornelas
“I have been listening to Kaypacha’s Pele Report for years,
his observations increase my trust in the immense planetary and
personal transitions we are all going through.
He translates astrological understanding into relevant and powerful information.
We at Mandali are honoured to host an event with Kaypacha,
this is a great opportunity to spend a few days with a great and insightful Soul Guide.”


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We believe it is essential to take time for
yourself in a Sacred place