Mandali Experience Retreats

This experience is intended to combine guided meditation, yoga, rest and relaxation to enable deep self-discovery and healing. 

Retreats by Theme

Mandali spans a range of disciplines, and as such we have a number of retreats for you to choose from.

Our themed retreats are for those who want to dive deeper into a specific area of interest or growth.

We believe

At Mandali we believe that the combination of yoga, meditation, silence and self-care facilitates and accelerates personal growth. We will be here to support you every step of the way—whether you need professionals on hand to help support you or simply be given time for yourself.

Guest rooms and hermitages

We offer a range of accommodation to suit your needs and budget, from shared dormitory style rooms to premium single rooms overlooking stunning Lago d’Orta to small split-level apartments - explore our range of beautiful options.

Come and experience Mandali for yourself.
We look forward to welcoming you.

Mandali and Sand Present SAMA

Sama is a celebration of existence open to anyone who is curious and open to discovering their own natural expression in life, and how that contributes to the collective.