Unique build

The way that Mandali has been built is based on a unique collaboration between architects Gian Carlo and Matteo Primatesta, interior designer Reineke Antvelink and Feng Shui specialist Simon Brown. Together they helped to translate the founders’ grand vision into a beautiful retreat with a tranquil, mystical and almost monastic atmosphere -all offset by a spectacular natural backdrop.

In Harmony

Set 850m above sea level on the edge of the rocks, the design of Mandali has been inspired by Italian villages from the Middle Ages. Local, sustainable materials have been used. And, where possible, energy is produced by solar power and our natural wood heating system. Meanwhile the subtle positioning of buildings based on Feng Shui principles complement the design and emphasize a feeling of space and harmony with nature.

The result

A stunning, sustainable, spiritual space that enhances and contributes to providing deeper personal experiences and inner self discoveries.